Call me today at +1-408-656-1585 for an assessment of the profit potential in your upstream marketing development or downstream market launch campaigns!


I help young medical device companies and start-ups get off the ground!

Understanding what clinical customers really want, constructing a scientific or clinical advisory board, conducting market research, product definition, leading or interfacing with development teams, building a marketing plan and start-up platform - I innovate and manage all aspects of the “upstream” marketing development process.


Building and leading  a sales team or distributor network, developing successful launch packages, creating sales training materials, forming a cohesive communications plan, directing  regional, national and international  product roll-outs, innovating sales compensation packages and assuring customer delight - I produce successes in all of these “downstream” marketing and product management areas as well.


I will roll up the sleeves and dig in as an individual performer - or lead multi-level sales management and device marketing functions.  What’s important to me is contributing to success for new device technologies and companies. 

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