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About TheDeviceDr

This site is all about medical device marketing - some sage wisdom, some product management basics, a few life experiences and loads of comments and critiques. 

I'm Tom Ross, and I’ve had the good fortune to work within some of the giants in the life sciences industry - Eli Lilly, American Hospital Supply, Baxter, Edwards, Medtronic - and these early work experiences burnished the educational background that I received at UCLA, in the sciences as well as in business. 


I moved on to earlier-stage companies - becoming a bigger fish in much smaller ponds. 

>  I was promoted to VP of Sales & Marketing at American Medical Electronics (now OrthoFix) - and led the launch of a new spinal fusion device - beating sales plan by 35%.  Our company grew from $7 million to over $30 million in sales.

>  I directed both sales & marketing at Medtronic-MIS - launching new neurovascular devices and growing the company from $0 to $10 million.

>  I have been in charge of sales and marketing for start-up companies that have been successful in competitive markets - and in attracting acquisition by Medtronic, ArthroCare and Smith & Nephew.

>  My companies have raised private equity funds or been acquired for a total of over $375 million, with my direction or active involvement in investor presentations.

I have learned from my successes as well as my mistakes - and I enjoy applying my energy toward the upstream development, product launch and growth of medical device technologies that can make a difference in healthcare.