Not every path to device success is an easy float.  TheDeviceDr provides guidance and direction.

What We Do

I provide all phases of device product management - from market assessment and constructing an early Scientific Advisory Board to grapple with design and performance specifications to implementation of a first international launch to competitive communications and sales management for post-launch revenue maximization.
Get your product launch off the ground! 
Pre-launch planning and preparation is key to your success.  It is very effective to involve Key Opinion Leaders in forming a complete upstream development plan and marketing package.
Improve competitive position and build share!
Direct marketing communications, sales training and effective customer contacts produce results.  The support of your sales team - whether direct or independent - will maximize the performance of your product investment. 
No project too small or too complex!
Market research, upstream product development team participation or direction, forecasting, sales support during backorders, customer support during product recalls, competitive positioning, whitepapers, video direction and editing.